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“I’ve lost 75 lbs. and went from a size 16 to a size 4. Slow and steady wins and with Boot Camp Hub you will get there!” – Rita

“The Tools I have learned with the Boot Camp Hub have become a way of life. Each of the coaches has an AMAZING heart and a huge passion to help you succeed in any way they can.” -Jennifer

“THIRTY POUNDS! I am finding joy in the journey and have positive wind in my sails. Take the abundant support from the Boot Camp Hub and let it propel you forward. I am grateful for it everyday.” -Ellen

“I’m down 45 lbs. and 65 inches but the best part is I’m in love with exercising now and how it makes me feel! The Boot Camp Hub Coaches make it so fun!” -Jen

“Not only have I lost 65 lbs. I have also lost a ton of emotional weight throughout the process. The Boot Camp Hub is not just a weight loss program for me; it has been a healthy, happy and supportive and loving lifestyle. I Love Boot Camp!” -Laurie

“I have lost 35 lbs. and 32 inches and I no longer have fear of the weight coming back on. My body is strong and I have energy to keep up with my kids!” -Kari

“I’m down 40 lbs. and 34 inches! I feel great and have so much energy. I’m stronger on the inside and outside!” -Alanna

Not only have I lost 40 pounds and 38 inches, but I have gained a new approach on life. It’s no longer just about weight loss, it’s about being joyful again and finding my true happiness. The coaches are amazing and I know that they DEEPLY and TRULY CARE about every one of us! -Cheri

“I learned through Boot Camp that when you transform on the inside the rest will follow. Boy did it ever! have lost 21 pounds and 18 inches and kept it off! My entire being has changed, inside and out and I owe it all to The Boot Camp Hub!” -Ann

“Since joining Boot Camp I have lost 38 lbs. and 48 inches. This has exceeded my expectations…thought it would take a year to drop that much weight. I have never felt stronger, healthier, and had more energy in the past 15 years. Boot camper forever!” -Todd

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