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Breakthrough Wellness Retreat 8 in Vermont

3 days of Personal Transformation in this
Beautiful, Tranquil and Empowering Setting!

How much would you benefit from taking
3 days to focus on yourself?

“It was awesome to watch people transform over the weekend.
I loved that there was no judgment and that we were all
accepted the moment we walked in the door.” – Jocelyn

“The retreat was amazing – I loved the workouts, the music,
the dance breaks, the breakthroughs (WOW!) the interaction
at the table, how the coaches were always available,
making new friends, going home with a plan that WORKS –
loved how it was tailor made by our inner genius!” – Treacy

How fun would it be to make this your
final attempt (ever) at losing weight?

Join Award-Winning Fitness Expert, Best-Selling Author,
12-time Ironman Finisher and 20-time Boston Marathon
Finisher Jonathan Roche, Coach John, Coach Noelle,
Coach Flo, Coach Audrey and 3-5 other amazing
coaches for 3 Powerful and Life-Changing Days!

The Coaches will work with you to crack the code on what has
robbed you of permanent fitness and weight loss results.

You will leave this experience with the tools and personal
roadmap (and ongoing support) to become the high-energy
and healthy person that you deserve to be!

The Retreat format is a combination of:

• Presentations from the Coaches
• Small Group Coaching Sessions on Key Topics
• An Optional Meet & Greet Thursday evening on the beach:

• Non-Intimidating Morning Workouts:

• Lunch will be provided all 3 days
• An Optional Beach Yoga Session:

• A Hike (or casual walk – we split into 3 groups):

• A Saturday Night Cookout and Bonfire (family members are invited):


Friday, June 24, 2016 through Sunday, June 26, 2016 with an
optional Meet-and-Greet on Thursday evening (6-8PM).


Westmore, Vermont on Lake Willoughby (90 minutes from
Burlington Airport) at the 4-Acre Breakthrough Wellness
Retreat Center (right on the lake with 300 feet of beach).

Number of Participants:

Limited to 48.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing
2 days I think I’ve ever had in my entire life – not including
marrying the man I love almost 10 years ago and giving birth
to my 2 boys, of course! You’ve given me hope that I WILL
succeed this time.” – Tara

Retreat Participants will receive the
following 5 Bonus Gifts:

1) A 12-Month Online Boot Camp Subscription
(valued at $297) for you or a family member.

2) Free entry into one Drop 30 Pounds in 10
Weeks Program
(valued at $197) for you or
a family member.

3) Jonathan’s Amazon Best Seller book “The No
Excuses Diet: The Anti-Diet approach to Cranking
up your Energy & Weight Loss!”

4) Coach John’s book “Clean and Simple:
Healthy Recipes for Your Busy Life”

5) The Wellness Retreat Cookbook that
has healthy and quick recipes.

Here are the key topics to be covered
over the 3 days:

• You Are Not Your Old Story
• Unleash the Power of a New Story
• Chase Down Your Potential
• Redefining Success
• Consistent Action in Spite of Fear
• Tell Your Negative Voice to Take a Hike
• Food For Thriving
• Nourish Your Relationship with Food
• Be Your Family’s Chief Wellness Officer
• Awaken Your Inner Genius
• Staying Connected and Empowered

“I was so impressed by the retreat. I loved every minute. The
retreat helped me recognize that much of the pain I had thought
was impossible to work through until I completed Physical
Therapy did not need to stop me. They showed me “How I
Can” as opposed to why I can’t.” – Candy

Additional Details:

• Please note that Accommodations are not included in your
Retreat fee.
• Mention “Breakthrough Wellness Retreat” for 10% off at
each of the following Accommodation Options.
The WilloughVale Inn and Cottages: (1 mile from the
Retreat). Call (800) 594-9102 to book your room or cabin.
The Vermont Mountain Lake Cottages: (.5 a mile from
the Retreat). Call (802) 525-3072 to book your cottage.
Perkins Hilltop Cottages: (.5 a mile from the Retreat).
Call (802) 525-3003 to book your cottage.
Green Acres Cabins: (.75 a mile from the Retreat).
Call (802) 525-3722 to book your cabin.
Click Here for additional rental options.


Lake Willoughby is about a 90 minute ride from Burlington Airport
so you will need a rental car or meet up with other participants
(this is what many did for our first Vermont Retreat) and share
a ride or car. The ride is absolutely beautiful as it is through
rolling mountains.

Cancellation Policy:

If a family situation comes up or you have an emergency
you can defer to a future Retreat (the cut-off for this is
up through 30 days prior to the start of the Retreat).

Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy:

If you don’t think that the Wellness Retreat was the best
money you have ever invested in your health and well-being
then you can request a full refund at the end.


$997 per participant

Special Discounts:

• Purchase 2 Spots and Save $100 (great for couples):
Use coupon code NEWO100.
• Retreat 1 through 6 Participants:
Use coupon code Retreat100 for $100 off.

To Pay in Full (using PayPal or a Credit Card):

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For Multi-Pay Option (5 monthly payments of $199.40):

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Retreat Success: I’ve dropped 42 pounds but
gained so much more! – Autumn (pictured above)

The first picture was taken at Retreat 6 in September
of 2014. The second was taken at the Next Level Retreat
in August of 2015. They say that pictures don’t lie,
and I’m astonished by what I see.

I don’t know the woman in the first picture at all. I
knew I was overweight and miserable, but this picture
was of me after a life-altering retreat.

This was me after facing my fears and flying alone across
county to a place where I knew not a soul. This was me
after digging deep and not only making life-changing
decisions, but having already taken action. This was
me after 3 days of tremendous love and support from
the whole Retreat 6 team. This was me having the guts
to get a picture taken with a Coach. This was me “on fire!”

If this was me “on fire,” I’m horrified to think of the
person my husband and children had been facing each day
before this.

I’m not sure I fully know the woman in the second photo,
either. I knew I’d lost 42 pounds. I knew I felt great.
I was pleased with how far I had come, but is that woman
really me?

Am I that happy and confident? Am I that sure of myself?
Am I that strong and courageous? Did I really share at
the bonfire in front of the whole retreat? Did I really
take the “polar bear” plunge in the lake, despite my fear
of water? Did I really fly across the country to stay
with people I didn’t know? Did I really do a live
workout? Did I really make such amazing new
connections and friends? I did! I really did!!

Retreats are full of world-class people. They are led by
world-class coaches who see the potential in each of us
and help us see it in ourselves. Amazingly, they are
attended by world-class people who cheer you on and
support you on your journey long after the retreat
is over.

Let me close with this story. After I got home from the
last retreat, my youngest son asked to see the two
pictures. He looked at them and said, “Mom, you are
beautiful.” I’d never have had that moment, were it
not for my coaches and my retreat teams. It was worth
every expense and every amount of time away from my
family just to hear that.

With unending gratitude,

Autumn in Michigan

Retreat Success Story: The most amazing 2 days I think
I’ve ever had

Jonathan and Erik,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most
amazing 2 days I think I’ve ever had in my entire
life – not including marrying the man I love almost
10 years ago and giving birth to my 2 boys, of course!

I had such a great time at the Wellness Retreat
meeting wonderful people who were in the same boat
as me, and with whom I could share things without
being judged.

The friendships that I made that weekend are for
life and they are people that I can continue to
support and receive support from.

And I am so glad to have met the two of you. I
think it’s absolutely wonderful that you both are
committed to helping people to reach our potential,
reach our goals, and just help us get rid of our
negative thinking.

I came home with a plan to help me on my weight
loss journey and that negative voice is slowly
losing it’s hold on me.

Shifting my unwritten goals (aka Dreams) into
intentions and then deciding, committing and
acting on them has been a game changer for me.

And shifting my thinking from “Why can’t I…
into How can I…” has changed everything.

So thank you, thank you, thank you from the
bottom of my heart. You’ve given me hope
that I WILL succeed this time.

And I am going to take my time and win and
NOT hurry up and lose!!!

Hugs to you both,


Retreat Success Story: Thank you from myself, my kids,
my grandkids}

Dear Jonathan and Erik,

How do you thank two people who have forever altered
your path and the paths of your ancestors to come? I
honestly don’t know.

I really didn’t know what to expect going in to the retreat,
since I have been listening to your blog talk radio show
for four years and drive my family crazy quoting your
advice on everything from nutrition to getting your head
in the game.

I was in awe at just how quickly things got real at the
retreat. I’m sitting at a table with a group of complete
strangers from around the country, but we all had in
common that we were on the same journey and all
of us had found the right path, finally!

We could hear our own stories reflected in one another
and the pain we were carrying over past failed attempts
and past labels that still hurt even when we knew they
shouldn’t anymore. I was perfectly uncomfortable and
it made me get real with myself and my table team.

I had an opportunity to talk to Eric at lunch to explore
my reflections and in a few moments he helped me
come to such a profound revelation about myself that
I am still reeling over it a bit, and it is still bringing
tears to my eyes, tears of joy, though it started from
a place of fear (at which point you would chime in,
“when was the last time you did something really
great without feeling afraid?”).

How do you properly thank someone for bringing a
life changing truth out of you? I really don’t know,
there isn’t a Hallmark card for that.

While we delved deep and things got emotional, you
two were so amazing at making us stop and get up
and dance so we could remember not to wallow in
sorrow or self-pity, but to celebrate the changes we
were on the cusp of.

I learned so much, was so supported, not just by you
two but by the team members at my table, and other
tables! I made life-long friends. I can truly see my
path, and what I need to do to stay on it.

I finally was able to see this journey not as something
to do and complete but as a simple (not easy) part of
my ongoing life.

I can identify exactly why I need to do it, how to do
it, and why I need to do it now and not on the next
convenient Monday. And I am ridiculously excited
about our reunion for next year.

I felt refreshed each day starting with a workout and
dancing out random acts of fitness, hearing people’s
revelations and decisions and being inspired by the
growth I saw in others.

I loved the workbook that is helping me reflect on
all of the information so I keep on plan.

I have been emailing my team and even scheduled a
regular phone call check in with one member of my

I saw some of my own story reflected in a corn
farmer from Nebraska!!!!! I didn’t think we had
anything in common, but we do!!! And I have
friends all over from New York to Seattle!

What a rewarding weekend…

I wondered what I would say to someone considering
going on the retreat.

No matter how much you have struggled, no matter
where you are at in your journey, this is hands down
one of the most powerful life changing experiences
you will participate in.

This is a body, soul and mind experience, and you are
worth it!

I am no longer on a path to weight loss, I am altering
the destiny of my ancestors with every small
decision I am making, I hope you decide to do the

If you need some guidance, you can find it at this

Thank you Jonathan and Erik from myself, my kids,
my grandkids and so on. If I can figure out the
etiquette on a proper showing of the depth of my
gratitude, you will know.


Jodie (Rockstar and my family’s Chief Wellness Officer)

Retreat Success Story: I have changed so much on the inside

How could I afford to go to a Wellness Retreat? I
live in Indiana so I would have to fly. I wanted to
go, but I just didn’t think I could justify the expense.

Every time I saw Jonathan’s post on my e-mail from
January through May, I wished that there was a way
that my husband, Joe and I could attend together.

Finally, we decided to simplify our vacation plans to
free up the money to go! And I am so glad we did!

The retreat for me became a battle ground where I
learned to fight my negative voice.

Jonathan and Erik shared so much wisdom with us
and inspired us to search ourselves for answers for
our difficulties.

All around me were people who were fighting similar
battles so there was no judgment coming from these
kind people.

I felt that I had been given wings to fly out of the
prison that I had created for myself. Carrying a
burden of feeling unlovable, I knew that my worst
enemy was myself.

My husband and I are now on the same path to be
the people that we were meant to be. Often, Joe
and I share thoughts about the retreat and support
one another in our plans for the future.

We are in our 60’s and have some physical
limitations now, but we will grow in strength
and freedom together.

How could we have thought that we could actually
not afford this weekend? Actually, we could not
afford to miss this wonderful experience.

I have changed so much on the inside. Next year
at this time everyone will notice that I have
changed on the outside as well.

My gratitude to Jonathan and Erik is overwhelming!
They are changing the world one person at a time!


Retreat Success Story: I AM a new woman and I am
forever changed

Dear Jonathan & Erik,

I’ve been to plenty of inspirational retreats and
workshops. And I always come home with
something new to think about and I’m one step
closer to doing whatever it was I attended for.

But your Wellness Retreat was different. Yes,
there was plenty of inspiration, but you went
far and above inspiration. You provided actual
tools, created space and time where my skewed
thought processes could literally be unlocked.

I came hoping to grab a nugget, meet some nice
people and come home refreshed. I came hoping
to find the missing pieces of the puzzle that had
been eluding me.

That happened. But you guys surprised me!

I also came to the retreat with a lot of fear. I
didn’t realize how much until we were partway
through morning 1 and my internal fear of failure,
and having to be perfect reared it’s ugly head.

I struggled with fear of not ever being enough
and a general overall feeling of not being sure
I deserved anything – especially success. Well,
you so simply and gently turned all of that on
it’s head for me.

You shared not only inspiration but a deep set of
beliefs that somehow I was able to grasp. I then
defined some new labels for myself and became
brave enough to claim them as my own.

I’ll never, EVER be the same.

I met some of the nicest people I’ve EVER met,
people that I’ll be friends with for the rest of my
life, who are now my Power Team.

It was amazing to me how sharing deep insights
and struggles with strangers turned out to be
exactly what I needed…and to tell you the truth,
I was scared to death to do it.

But you orchestrated the sharing time in such a
way that I felt safe and empowered to let my
truest self show up.

Attending this retreat was Miracle Grow for my
entire being. I’ve never felt more supported, more
loved and more empowered in my ENTIRE LIFE
(outside of being married and having 3 amazing

I usually “come down” off the mountain-top
experiences of retreats after a few days and get back
to the “old ways” shortly, but THIS RETREAT…
this retreat changed something in me. For good.

I couldn’t go back to my old ways even if I wanted to.
And I don’t.

The food was great, the hotel was great, your amazing
presentations were everything I hoped for (straight talk
without being harsh, fun, silly and most of all

The dance breaks were so refreshing (you knowwhat…
come to think of it…I wasn’t sleepy ONCE!) Your
availability was uncommon but most of all..I loved
how much I KNEW I was in a safe place.

I KNEW you guys REALLY cared about each and every
one of us in the room and somehow you made it personal
for each of us.

Oh! And the other thing I REALLY respected about how
you presented the material….you allowed each of us to do
our own discovery work. We didn’t have to fit into your
mold or buy into your formula for success.

You helped me figure out what I wanted, helped me
discover on my own how to get what I wanted and you
created this BEAUTIFUL space with no shame, no guilt,
no judgment, to find my own way. And THAT was

Going home with a completed workbook, with all of my
very own ah-ha! moments written down has been so
invaluable to me. It’s my new favorite workbook (that’s
another thing that’s been different…most seminars, I never
crack that book open ever again.)

I came home ready to face the rest of my life, with a new
courage, a new determination and something deeply
changed. It’s hard to change a belief system, you know,
without having a new experience.

But the experience you offer of having a specific way to
figure things out, mixed with compassion, community
and a place of belonging was your 1-2 punch.

I’m no longer just one step closer to being where I want
be or being who I want to be…I’m there.

Now, it’s just a matter of time of walking it out and seeing
the fruits of the transformation. I can’t wait, like Ann, to
give you the update in 6 months. I think we’re all going
to be even more blown away.

And I don’t think this means I’ll never have another struggle
in my life, but I’ll be able to quickly triage, reframe and
move on without getting stuck anymore.

I could go on and on and on. But the best way I can sum
this up is to say that I have been set free. I am new.

Knowing you two, knowing the other people I met at the
retreat and unlocking the thoughts that were holding me
captive have made me new.

I AM a new woman and I am forever changed.

I just love you guys,


Retreat Success Story: During the weekend, a fire was
ignited within me…

Dear Jonathan and Erik,

My initial reason for going to the Wellness Retreat
was to support my wife and to learn what she was
learning. Not to be on the same page so to speak,
but a least be in the same book.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I arrived with an
open mind. WOW!!! Did I ever come out with so
much more.

Other members have stated how the group came
together. These people, who were from all parts of
the country and Canada, all walks of life, and in
many different stages of their own journeys, came
together with only one thing in common… a desire
to be healthy.

It was an extraordinary experience to see peoples’
lives changing right before our eyes in a totally
non-judgmental environment. This was not a weight
loss retreat. It was a total health and wellness retreat.

One of the many things I got out of this weekend that
I would like to share is that the mind is a powerful tool.

We have to learn to use this tool for our benefit.

Words, too, are so powerful and need to be used
carefully. One of my favorite words to use was “can’t”
… I can’t do this or can’t have that.

As humans, we have the ability to choose. We start
this process the minute we wake up. We choose to get
up or stay in bed. This process continues throughout
our day until, yes, we choose to go to bed.

So how does “can’t” work into this equation. I can’t get
out of bed… no, I choose not to. I can’t work out… no,
I choose not to work out, etc.

During the weekend, we made lots of choices. One
particular choice I made was to remove “can’t” from
my vocabulary.

While at my mom’s house the other day, she offered me
some cookies. Then she remembered that I was trying
to eat healthily and said “oh you can’t have these”.

My reply was “yes I can, but I choose not to.” This is
one example of how my mind and body can now work
together to achieve wellness.

Like in a puzzle, all the pieces of health have to be
there for my wellness to be complete.

Jonathan and Erik poured out their hearts, knowledge,
energy, and love to us all.

Everyone at the retreat became close. We became a
power team of support for each other as we continue
on our journeys.

This weekend was like no other I have experienced!

Thank you does not even come close to expressing
my gratitude for what you guys did for us. What
started out as an action of support has evolved into
two unique but strongly supportive and parallel

During the weekend, a fire was ignited within me…
my own personal fire! This fire, as my daily life
resumes, will vary from a small flame to a raging

My declaration is to always guard and protect my
fire with the tools and support I now have, no
matter what life throws my way.


Retreat Success Story: The most incredible weekend
I think I’ve ever had.

Hello Erik and Jonathan,

I just wanted to once again thank you both for the most
incredible weekend I think I’ve ever had.

I know you would like constructive feedback to see if
you could make it any better for the next retreat, but I
can honestly say, there was not one thing I would have
liked you to change!

In my eyes, it was the perfect mix of everything.

I was actually expecting it to be a great weekend, but
I was blown away at how much greater it was then I
even expected.

From the warm and friendly meet and greet with you
both and everyone who came on Friday night, to the
awesome morning workouts where there was no
judgment on your fitness level, to of course the
meetings themselves, they were so eye opening,
empowering, thought provoking and fun.

I think everyone in the world needs to attend the

Then to end the most fantastic weekend with the hike,
and I went away truly feeling a new person and that
you both honestly are the nicest guys who truly care
and believe in what you are doing 110%.

I can say that you have both met your calling and are
doing what you were put on this Earth to do. Thank
you for realizing that, and sharing your gift with me,
and everyone else.

I think you two complement each other so well and
worked as the perfect team and it seemed flawless
like you practiced how you would interact for a year
before the retreat.

Really, you were that great together. You both brought
something a little different which was a bonus for all
of us, and I will cherish that weekend forever.

Thank you both for being you and for what you have
taught me.

I think my biggest compliment to you will be when
I check in with you in say 6 months, and let you know
how fantastic I am still doing.

Here you go, my intention is to contact Erik and
Jonathan mid-December, and let them know how my
life has changed in 2012 since the retreat and I’ll be
having the happiest Christmas with my family I think
I have ever had.

You guys are AWESOME!


Retreat Success Story: The retreat was amazing!

The retreat was amazing! I left feeling empowered and
like I had one foot firmly planted on the ground and the
other taking a step forward.

Jonathan and Erik make an amazing team and together
have tools and skills that can aid anyone on their journey
to better health and wellness.

The new tools and skills I learned will definitely take me
to the next level and the level beyond that and so on. I
know I have reached a new level of confidence on this
weight loss journey.


Here are some pictures from our first 6 Retreats:

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